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Developing a Digital Mindset for L&D

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Developing a Digital Mindset for L&D

Sprout Labs,

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A veteran digital learning designer offers keys to thinking digitally.

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In learning and development (L&D), digitalization means more than merely modernizing learning technologies. It means allowing digital tools, approaches and methodologies to permeate every aspect of how L&D works. In an insightful white paper, learning expert Robin Petterd – founder and director of digital learning platform maker Sprout Labs – offers a plethora of suggestions to help L&D professionals transform their learning offers.


To adopt a digital mind-set in learning and development, consider how automation, flexibility, interactivity, collaboration, media and the Internet of Things will affect your field.

By applying digital technologies, learning and development (L&D) professionals can modernize learning and automate or simplify processes. Developments in AI and machine learning are changing the focus of L&D to skills that only humans can perform, such as creativity and strategic decision making. Digital technologies are also creating new alternatives in the ways people learn: Chatbots can support performance and provide coaching, intelligent adaptive learning systems can provide personalized learning...

About the Author

Learning and performance consultant Robin Petterd founded digital learning platform maker Sprout Labs. He holds a PhD in creative interactive digital media and has worked in the field since 1993. 

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