Summary of Digital Talent – Matt Alder Interviewed

Digital Talent – Matt Alder Interviewed summary
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Automated systems can screen résumés and candidates but won’t be able to solve the complex challenges that HR departments face while helping their organizations through the digital transformation process. In this informative podcast interview, host Rob Llewellyn talks with Digital Talent co-author Matt Alder about talent acquisition in the digital age. Business leaders and HR professionals will gain valuable insight into what it takes to build and attract a workforce that can move a company’s digital transformation forward. 

About the Podcast

The Leading Digital Transformation podcast features interviews with practitioners and authors about digital transformation. Host Rob Llewellyn is a digital transformation adviser and founder of the CXO Transform education platform. His guest in this episode, Matt Alder, is a recruitment marketing and employer brand consultant. He’s an author and the host of the Recruiting Future podcast.



The “people aspect” of digital transformation hasn’t yet received the attention it deserves.

Digital transformation has created demand for new types of employees. At the start of the digital revolution, when companies sought reinforcement to prepare for the Y2K “millennium bug” and adapt to the advent of e-commerce, they were still looking for a narrowly specific skill set. Today, however, technology is changing so fast and future skill requirements are becoming so unpredictable that companies struggle with defining what type of talent they need.

In fact, talent acquisition is becoming less focused on finding people with specific skill sets and more...

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