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Don’t Just Improve Your Customer Experience. Future-Proof It.

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Don’t Just Improve Your Customer Experience. Future-Proof It.

Boston Consulting Group,

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If you want to thrive in today’s hypercompetitive world, your brand will need to do more than satisfy: It must create exceptional customer experiences.

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If you want to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, you’ll need to future-proof your customer experience, according to an analysis from Boston Consulting Group. Gain actionable insights into the characteristics that companies leading in customer experience share, while learning how creating more responsive, individualized, seamless experiences drives value. Winning customer-centric brands of tomorrow will be those that connect to consumers on an emotional level, while visibly demonstrating a commitment to social impact and sustainability.


Customer experience (CX) leaders drive value creation, trigger growth and inspire trust.

Businesses are improving their CX, making it faster, more personalized and responsive to customer needs than ever before – leaders wanting to future-proof their enterprises and remain competitive must follow suit. Research from Boston Consulting Group shows that leaders at companies leading in CX saw “eye-opening margins,” which include 55% higher total shareholder return (TSR) growth over five years, 190% higher revenue growth over three years and net promoter scores (a metric representing customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction) that were 70% higher than average.

Companies leading the way when it comes to CX excel because they build end-to-end customer journeys, using them to steer their CX practices. They share a customer-centric mind-set, synchronizing individualized interactions across multiple touchpoints. They’re agile and responsive, as...

About the Authors

Christine Astorino, Karen Lellouche TordjmanPhil Gerrard, Dutch MacDonald, Julie Hess and Barbara Haen are professionals with Boston Consulting Group. Rob Bell is knowledge expert with ACC in London.

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