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Drop the Ball Instead of Trying to Do It All summary
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Do you feel like you are spending your days endlessly completing one task after another only to come home to piles of dirty laundry and unopened mail at night? Businesswoman, author and leadership coach Tiffany Dufu has been there. She reveals her personal insights on how you can accomplish more by doing less. Her refreshing talk will help you view your life from a new perspective.

About the Speaker

Tiffany Dufu is the founder and CEO of Cru, a peer-coaching service for women. 



When businesswoman Tiffany Dufu learned from her husband that her two children were able to get themselves ready for school when she was out of town, she had an epiphany: By taking care of everything yourself, you prevent other people from growing. Dufu also noticed that while she made it her mission in her professional life to promote women into leadership positions, she acted like a servile “Stepford wife” at home. She suffered from “home control disease” whereby she insisted, for example, that leftovers in the fridge be eaten in a particular order or that the towels be folded just so. For Dufu, “dropping the ball” – that is, “failing to take timely action” – was a sign of failure. Yet when...

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