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Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age


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You’ve got the technology, now what do you do?

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Author Marc Rosenberg provides one of the first books devoted to strategies for developing organization-wide online learning. He goes beyond the obvious technological challenges of Web-based training to explain that technology and content are meaningless without a culture of learning. But creating this culture means confronting dramatic strategic, organizational and political issues. In this roadmap for building and sustaining a learning culture, Rosenberg offers an essential balance between the structure of e-learning (design and technology issues) and its implementation (acceptance and support issues). His book is an impassioned wake-up call to all executives who are concerned about the future of their organizations. To begin building your company’s culture of learning, getAbstract urges you to arm yourself with this practical, yet philosophical, manual — a weapon for professionals on the front lines of the revolution in workspace learning.


A Culture of Learning

We have come to a watershed in the field of learning. Internet technology has altered our technological and economic landscapes so much that the entire concept of learning is changing at an unheard of pace. Companies cannot ignore the power of the Internet, this much is clear. Nevertheless, you cannot focus solely on technology. At the same time that you explore and develop new solutions for delivering information and knowledge, you must give equal energy to creating a culture that enables learning.

The issue has already moved past the question of whether organizations will deploy online learning. The need to get rapidly changing information to more and more people as efficiently as possible already drives companies - and the Internet is evolving into the best possible solution. The issue now is, how well can you do it?

Learning vs. Training

Expert Thomas Stewart explains, "It used to be that information supported the real business; now it is the real business." In this age of exponential information growth, the sheer volume of what you need to learn, and the speed at which you must learn it, are overwhelming. Old models of how employees...

About the Author

Marc J. Rosenberg. Ph.D., is a principal with DiamondCluster International, a business strategy and technology solutions firm, where he specializes in knowledge management and e-learning strategy. A highly regarded presenter, he has spoken at the White House and at more than 200 professional and business conferences. In addition to his Ph.D. in Instructional Design, Rosenberg holds degrees in communications and marketing. The author of more than 30 articles in this field, he lives in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

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    Good summary. Thanks for this summary, I know it's quite important to create a learning culture in a corporation.

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