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To the outside observer, the inability or unwillingness of the American government to restrict gun ownership makes no sense. With more than 33,000 annual gun deaths, the US's gun violence is an outlier in the developed world. As author and radio host Kurt Andersen explains, however, both love of guns and the notion of a fundamental right to bear arms are deeply ingrained in the American psyche. But while gun sales have skyrocketed in recent decades, the number of adults who own firearms has in fact shrunk dramatically. Why do a small number of gun zealots continue to amass weapons? The reasons, Andersen argues, range from far-fetched to disturbing. 

In this article, you will learn

  • Why a tiny minority of Americans are stockpiling guns;
  • How the arguments of a fringe group of gun enthusiasts made their way into the American mainstream; and
  • Why it's unlikely the US government will enact any significant gun control legislation in the foreseeable future.

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