Summary of Breaking the Wall of Radicalisation

How Security Studies Explore the Roots of Terror

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Breaking the Wall of Radicalisation summary
Why do Europe’s homegrown terrorists choose their fateful path?


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A spate of suicide terrorist attacks across Western Europe has bewildered citizens, many of whom cannot fathom why terrorists would resort to such desperate measures. Peter Neumann, a professor of security studies, sheds some light on this issue. His extensive study of Europe’s homegrown terrorists found several commonalities among those who join cells, which may help to demystify violent extremism. getAbstract recommends Neumann’s ideas to anyone interested in finding measured, peaceful counterterrorist solutions.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What incites people to turn to terrorism,
  • What characteristics many terrorists share and
  • How Western societies can fight the spread of homegrown terrorism.


What drives people to turn to terrorism? Most security studies scholars agree on three common threads: First, terrorists aren’t medically insane, though their actions may seem crazy to the uninitiated. Second, individuals don’t make split...
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About the Speaker

Peter Neumann is a professor of security studies at King’s College, London.

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