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A New Threat to the Energy Industry


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Cyber Attacks summary
As energy companies become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, Europe must improve its cybersecurity.


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On December 23, 2015, some 200,000 people in the Ukraine experienced a power outage which lasted several hours. No storm or faulty equipment caused this electricity cut; it was, in fact, the result of a cyberattack. Gabrielle Desarnaud of the French Institute of International Relations explains the energy sector’s increasing vulnerability to cyberattacks, examines how cyberattacks on energy infrastructure could negatively impact the economy and looks at how Europe is working to overcome obstacles to the creation of “common cybersecurity culture.” getAbstract recommends this report to European Union policy makers and leaders within the European energy sector.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the energy sector is vulnerable to cyberattacks,
  • How cyberattacks on energy infrastructure can affect the economy and
  • How Europe is working to create a “common cybersecurity culture.”


If nothing else, the December 2015 cyberattack on Ukraine’s electrical grid served as a wake-up call. It laid bare the ways hackers can take control of energy infrastructure. Granted, to execute such an attack successfully takes immense financial resources and insider knowledge. Still, the fact...
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About the Author

Gabrielle Desarnaud is a researcher at the French Institute of International Relations’ Center of Energy.

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