Summary of Democracy Index 2015

Democracy in an Age of Anxiety


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Democracy Index 2015 summary
The Economist Intelligence Unit’s study of democracy worldwide uncovers both troubling signs and hopeful promise.


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Each year, the Economist Intelligence Unit undertakes a comprehensive study of the state of democracy worldwide, and the 2015 edition uncovers both troubling signs and hopeful promise. Cracks have appeared in the democratic facade of many nations, as economic woes, war, massive refugee migrations and terrorism threaten freedom. But some countries have made progress in advancing democratic practices. getAbstract recommends this enlightening report to anyone with an interest in the state of the world’s democracies.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What factors elicit a robust democracy,
  • How various countries rank in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2015 and
  • What issues threaten worldwide democracy.


In 2015, many individuals and societies faced real or perceived economic, political, social or security threats, which tend to erode the strength of democracy. Democratic states must value freedom, equality, open-mindedness, rationality and free speech. In addition, these nations need institutions and...
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The Economist Intelligence Unit is an independent research and analysis organization.

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