Summary of Global Economic Prospects June 2015

The Global Economy in Transition

World Bank,

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Global Economic Prospects June 2015 summary
The World Bank tells you what to expect in 2016 and 2017 for the global economy, region by region.


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This detailed report from the World Bank offers an incisive review of the global economy going into 2017, with a focus on the world’s developing regions. Low prices for commodities, especially oil, and monetary tightening in the United States are the two major challenges facing policy makers worldwide. Although these changes may lead to good consequences in the long term, they may be difficult to endure in the short run. This exhaustive economic analysis is especially relevant for economists, global investment managers and international bankers. getAbstract also recommends it to anyone with a professional interest in the global economy, including individual investors.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How economic growth will vary in different regions of the developing world going into 2017 and
  • How events in the developed world will affect emerging markets.


Changes for Good or Ill
The global economy faces two notable challenges: a rise in interest rates from monetary tightening in the United States and the multiple impacts of lower commodity prices. Growth has been discouraging, particularly in some of the bigger developing and exporting ...
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The World Bank provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries.

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