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Hire the Hackers summary
Could a notorious computer hacker be your next IT specialist?


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Anonymous, a hacktivist group, creates cyber-mayhem on principle, but many other hackers are downright thieves. Nonetheless, cybercrime expert Misha Glenny contends that hackers who have turned to crime deserve another chance. Indeed, some countries, including China and Russia, are investing in them. Though hiring hackers raises security issues, getAbstract thinks you'll be fascinated by this quirky but brilliant group of potential employees.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How computer hacking has evolved,
  • What characteristics many hackers share, and
  • Why corporations and governments should hire hackers.


“Is there anyone left to hack?” Even security-obsessed organizations such as the CIA and firms that provide cybersecurity to the FBI have run afoul of hackers. Anonymous, the most notorious hacktivist group, generates chaos with its pranks...
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About the Speaker

Misha Glenny is an author, journalist and cybercrime expert.

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