Summary of North Korea Takes Tentative Steps Towards Economic Reform


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North Korea Takes Tentative Steps Towards Economic Reform summary
The situation in North Korea is improving…slowly.


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This four-page article offers a brief overview of economic and political change in North Korea, the country’s relations with its neighbors, and the significance of Kim Jong-un’s ascension as national leader. getAbstract recommends this commentary to readers seeking an introduction to this secretive nation.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How North Korea has changed since Kim Jong-un became leader,
  • How China and South Korea are influencing North Korea, and
  • What blocks North Korean economic development.


North Korea has experienced more than 60 years of “continuity.” The result has been stability at the cost of prosperity. Kim Jong-un’s succession following the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, has led to some limited change as North Korea tries “economic experimentation.” However, changing the system...
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About the Author

Stefan Lippert is a consultant and professor at the Temple University's Japan campus. He has been based in Japan since 2005.

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