Summary of Our Refugee System Is Failing. Here’s How We Can Fix It

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Our Refugee System Is Failing. Here’s How We Can Fix It summary
Viewing refugees as human beings with much to offer is the first step in addressing the refugee crisis.


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In 2015, record numbers of refugees sought asylum in European nations, whose response has been sadly lacking. Refugee advocate Alexander Betts posits that the problem stems from viewing migrants as a burden rather than as a rich resource. He proposes four changes that could upend this perception. getAbstract recommends Betts’s well-reasoned talk to European policy makers, people on the front lines of the crisis and those following it in the headlines.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the European Union’s response to the refugee crisis is woefully inadequate and
  • What four possible solutions could alleviate Europe’s refugee crisis.


The European response to the 2015 refugee crisis has been abysmal and contradictory: For example, people lamented the death of toddler Alan Kurdi yet ignored the loss ...
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About the Speaker

Alexander Betts is the director of the Refugee Studies Center at the University of Oxford.

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