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Professor Robert W. McChesney and journalist John Nichols believe that capitalism gives large corporations and wealthy individuals too much power. The authors anticipate that exponentially compounding computer power will take over job functions in the future and put people out of work. They urge citizens to become more engaged, to debate the issues and to press for beneficial change. McChesney and Nichols address shortfalls in today’s economy, and in democracy and capitalism itself, but the alternatives they offer – a guaranteed minimum wage, free education and free health care – aren’t necessarily aligned with a capitalism structure. While always politically neutral, getAbstract recommends this topical, controversial narrative for the historic context it offers. It will particularly intrigue policy makers, executives and economists interested in the state of American democracy and capitalism.

In this book, you will learn

  • What a “democratic infrastructure” offers,
  • How technology will diminish the demand for human workers and
  • How citizens can use a democratic infrastructure to achieve better outcomes for themselves.

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About the Authors

Robert W. McChesney, a professor in the department of communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is author of 23 books. He co-founded the media reform organization Free Press. Journalist John Nichols is the Washington, DC, correspondent for The Nation and associate editor of the Madison, Wisconsin, Capital Times.


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