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11 Ways to Rebuild Our Country

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Rebooting the American Dream book summary
If the Reagan revolution wrecked the US, here’s how to set it right – er, left – again.


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Controversial and politically progressive radio host Thom Hartmann has nothing nice to say about Ronald Reagan. Hartmann believes Reagan sponsored a catastrophic conservative restructuring of US governmental norms. According to Hartmann, Reagan and his cronies handed the nation’s wealth to their friends via free-trade laws, nonenforcement of antitrust rules, union busting and runaway deficit spending that benefited the military-industrial complex. This sometimes-repetitive tome is sharply, refreshingly at odds with conventional wisdom, though if you admire Reagan you may want to read another book instead. getAbstract suggests these essays to legal thinkers, politicians, academics, health care advocates and progressive entrepreneurs.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How past federal economic policies built a strong country;
  • Why Republican leaders abandoned those ideas;
  • Which areas (taxes, education, health care) need a fundamental reworking to restore the US economy;
  • Why the US middle class is vanishing; and
  • Why the nation’s survival as a working democracy is at stake.


The Ghost of Alexander Hamilton
The United States was once without a substantial industrial base. At its founding, the US exported all its raw materials and bought them back in manufactured form from abroad. Right after the Revolutionary War, George Washington asked treasury chief Alexander...
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About the Author

Radio talk show host Thom Hartman also wrote Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class – and What We Can Do About It.

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