Summary of Recent Trends in US Services Trade

2013 Annual Report


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Recent Trends in US Services Trade summary
In a global economy, importing and exporting professional services proves increasingly commonplace and lucrative.


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This thorough report on international trade in professional services – particularly in education, health care and law – lists six US International Trade Commission employees as authors. That may account for the depth and breadth of information, as well as the disorganized writing style and repetitiveness of certain sections. The publication intrigues, though it leans so heavily on statistics that readers new to the subject might welcome more interpretation, commentary and context. Nonetheless, getAbstract recommends this report as useful background for investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners wondering how they might capitalize on emerging trends in the global trade of professional services.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What trends affect cross-border services trade in the fields of law, health care and education;
  • Which countries offer the best opportunities in professional services; and
  • What the future holds for global trade in these services.


Services Are an Economic Staple
With a professional services trade surplus of almost $50 billion in 2011, the United States stands as a leading exporter of educational, legal, health care and other services. Current trends point to the US’s strong and expanding position as a provider and...
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About the Author

The United States International Trade Commission is an independent investigative agency of the US government that deals with matters of trade.

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