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Seizing Power book summary
Always politically slippery, the oil business enters a new phase in the global power struggle over energy.


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Journalist Robert Slater’s book provides an interesting piece of the oil puzzle by identifying today’s new industry bosses, including new state-run oil companies and the “petroaggressors” – or nonaligned nations – that dislike the US and now have the oil, power and money to change the world’s political balance. Slater presents the history of the oil industry, explains some technical factors, and describes the rotation of new and old participants. Though the book does not offer a great deal of original information, Slater believes that dealing with rogue oil nations is a necessary – but menacing – evil that stems from the West’s overreliance on oil to solve its energy problems. getAbstract recommends this overview of the increasingly nasty politics of oil. Here’s hoping forewarned is still forearmed.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Who dominates worldwide oil politics today,
  • How the global oil industry has evolved, and
  • How the connection between politics and oil is taking a new and dangerous path.


Oil’s Brief History
Today’s world is desperately dependent on oil – quite a change from when the largest oil reserves were first discovered about 150 years ago. For most of the intervening period, the US dominated oil exploration and consumption, and petroleum markets remained relatively...
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About the Author

Robert Slater is a journalist who has written best-selling books about George Soros and Jack Welch.

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