Summary of The Economic Cost of Violence Containment

A Comprehensive Assessment of the Global Cost of Violence

Institute for Economics and Peace,

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The Economic Cost of Violence Containment summary
The traditional view is that military spending promotes economic growth. But another side to the story tilts the scales toward peace.


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Antiviolence measures, including the huge amounts countries allocate to military use and crime prevention, cost about $9.46 trillion worldwide in 2012, according to this review from the Institute for Economics and Peace. That’s $1,300 for every human being on the planet. While this revealing report allows that some of this spending is necessary, it also tallies the opportunity costs of diverting investment from business, health care and education. getAbstract recommends this important article on a vastly underresearched topic – the economic benefits of peace – to those interested in the monetary impact of violence on the global economy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which countries spend the most on efforts to limit violence;
  • How nations divide their expenditures among the military, police and other areas;
  • Why outlays to contain violence have a negative impact on economies.


Nearly 11% of the world’s economic output in 2012 went toward containing violence, which consists of expenditures for war, violent crime, incarceration, terrorism, and so on, and their associated negative effects on growth and productivity. Analysis suggests that every $1 saved on violence prevention...
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About the Author

The Institute for Economics and Peace is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that is dedicated to developing metrics to analyze peace and to quantify its economic value.

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