Summary of The Hacked World Order

How Nations Fight, Trade, Maneuver, and Manipulate in the Digital Age

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The Hacked World Order book summary
Forget subs, tanks and nukes. Countries are fighting today’s battles online.


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World powers increasingly use computer espionage to spy on their rivals, spread propaganda and even sabotage nuclear weapons programs. Technology expert Adam Segal’s engaging study persuasively presents cyberspace as the new front line in geopolitical combat. International superpowers, outlier nations and cold-blooded terrorists alike have leapt into cyberwar, portending an unpredictable future for Internet security and diplomatic relations. getAbstract recommends this clearheaded, informative overview to technologists, policy makers, investors and NGOs seeking insight into a new era of international relations and threats.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the new era of cyberwarfare differs from the past,
  • How this trend affects diplomatic relations, and
  • How nations and companies respond.


Bomb-Free Attack
The new era of cyberwar became public knowledge in 2012, when US intelligence officials leaked details of the Stuxnet attack to The New York Times. Stuxnet, which took place a few years before the leak, was a brilliant piece of malicious software that American...
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About the Author

Adam Segal is the Maurice R. Greenberg Senior Fellow for China Studies and director of the Program on Digital and Cyberspace Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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    John Pfeiffer 1 year ago
    Apropos in light of the FBI vs Apple case and of course the inevitable InternetOfThings (including self driving cars). Not sure what the author suggests next though? (Hints at post hack public disclosure requirements? A Geneva convention for hacking?)
  • Avatar
    Bhavya Bhatnagar 1 year ago
    very interesting
  • Avatar
    Angela Militello 1 year ago

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