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The New Parameters of German Foreign Policy summary
Without US security guarantees, Germany’s quasi-hegemonic position in Europe will falter.


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The prospect of a radically changed US foreign policy under President Donald Trump has led some observers to argue that Germany will replace the United States as the “leader of the free world.” But Hans Kundnani, a fellow at the US-based think tank Transatlantic Academy, argues that the opposite will be the case: Uncertainties surrounding US security guarantees and America’s commitment to free trade will hit Germany particularly hard and undermine its leverage within the European Union. getAbstract recommends Kundnani’s sobering analysis of Germany’s prospects under the new US administration to the general reader with a stake or interest in the German economy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why Germany is highly vulnerable to uncertainties surrounding US security guarantees,
  • Why the German economy depends on America’s commitment to free trade and
  • How Germany’s leverage within the European Union could sharply decline under the new US administration.


US president Donald Trump’s nationalist foreign policy will have decisive consequences for Germany and its relationship with other European Union member states. Within the EU, Germany is disproportionately vulnerable to diminishing US leadership both as a security guarantor and as an advocate for free trade.

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About the Author

Hans Kundnani is a fellow at the German Marshall Fund and the Transatlantic Academy in Washington, DC. 

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