Summary of The Surprising Way Groups like ISIS Stay in Power

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The Surprising Way Groups like ISIS Stay in Power  summary
Is a terrorist group still a terrorist group if it runs your sewerage system or gives you a loan?


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Martin McGuinness, the deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, is a former leader of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, a terrorist group that sought Northern Ireland’s secession from the United Kingdom and union with the Republic of Ireland for more than 30 years. This might sound discomfiting, but it is not uncommon for terrorists to enter mainstream politics. How do such people gain popular support? International policy analyst Benedetta Berti spent 10 years studying “nonstate armed groups” such as Hamas and Hezbollah. She delivers a fascinating, though hurried, account of how these groups eke out power and how to overcome terrorism. getAbstract recommends Berti’s captivating insights to the world’s peacemakers and policy makers, as well as to anyone interested in diplomacy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why “nonstate armed groups” emerge,
  • How these groups function and
  • How to defeat these groups.


Nowadays, warfare rarely transpires between two combating countries. Increasingly, wars are conflicts between states and “nonstate armed groups.” In fact, of the 216 peace treaties signed between 1975 and 2011, 196 were accords between a state and a nonstate actor. To find peaceful resolutions with ...
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About the Speaker

International policy analyst Benedetta Berti studies political violence, civil war and security in the Middle East. She wrote Armed Political Organizations: From Conflict to Integration.

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