Summary of What the Social Progress Index Can Reveal About Your Country

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What the Social Progress Index Can Reveal About Your Country  summary
GDP is a futile yardstick to people who don’t enjoy basic human rights. Enter the Social Progress Index.


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Economist Michael Green offers his contribution to a recent spate of alternatives to the gross domestic product (GDP) measurement. Like Simon Anholt before him, Green concludes that GDP is an outdated, inadequate appraisal of national progress. So he and his team devised a new barometer – the Social Progress Index, an empirical tool that will satisfy economists as well as humanists. getAbstract recommends Green’s intriguing, humorous lecture to anyone who recognizes the shortcomings of the GDP metric and those who should.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the GDP metric originated,
  • Why it is obsolete and
  • Why the Social Progress Index offers an alternative solution.


In 1934, economist Simon Kuznets delivered a report to the US Congress entitled “National Income, 1929–1932.” This report marked the birth of the gross domestic product...
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About the Speaker

Michael Green is CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, the initiative that developed the Social Progress Index.

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