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Where Are We Now? summary
Opinions abound on the results of the UK Brexit vote: a peek behind the political and cultural curtain.


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Dust is settling around the UK’s June 2106 Brexit vote to leave the European Union, and the world awaits a decision on if and when the country will enact Article 50 of the EU Treaty, the formal mechanism for a country to leave the union. What will an exit agreement look like? The London Review of Books asked writers, political scientists, historians, and others to reflect on the UK’s current status and the question of why the vote swung towards “leave.” getAbstract recommends this compilation of opinions to political observers looking for varied responses to the Brexit referendum results.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the UK’s Brexit decision to leave the EU will have dire consequences for Britain’s immigrants,
  • Why Welsh voters hurt their own economy by voting to leave and
  • How the referendum may speed up the British Labour Party’s dissolution.


These and other observers reflect on the UK’s status after the Brexit vote to leave the EU:

David Runciman [political scientist, Cambridge University]: Who is responsible for the outcome of the referendum? The UK’s current “first-past-the-post system” crippled Liberal Democrats...
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