Summary of World Economic Outlook April 2016

Too Slow for Too Long


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World Economic Outlook April 2016 summary
The IMF sees a strong possibility of decelerating growth in the global economy for 2016.


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Financial press chatter about such developments as secular stagnation and Grexit portends scary prospects for the global economy. The International Monetary Fund concurs that things could look more promising than they do. Its April 2016 World Economic Outlook examines the risks of decelerating growth and presents a somber perspective. However, the IMF also suggests reforms that policy makers could implement to tackle the possibility of slowing growth. This comprehensive study is packed with statistics, charts and graphs. Though its prose style is somewhat dry, getAbstract recommends its reliable, in-depth look at the world economy to economists, policy makers, executives and investors.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the International Monetary Fund forecasts for world economic growth in 2016,
  • What risks affect the growth outlook and
  • What policy reforms could help increase growth.


Slowing Growth
The world economy is in recovery mode, although progress is proceeding at a slow and precarious rate. In April 2016, the International Monetary Fund cut its projection for global growth to 3.2% from its January 2016 forecast of 3.4%, due to volatility in global asset markets...
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The International Monetary Fund advises member nations on policy issues and works to promote world economic stability and well-being.

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