Summary of World Economic Outlook October 2016

Subdued Demand. Symptoms and Remedies


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World Economic Outlook October 2016 summary
Global economic growth, trade and deflation concern international policy makers.


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The world economy continued to stumble in 2016, years removed from the global financial crisis and the Great Recession. The impacts of slow GDP growth, persistent deflationary environments, China’s conversion to a consumer economy and weakening trade growth vex policy officials. Uncertainties associated with the Brexit vote and the incoming US presidential administration cloud these dynamics. In this biannual review from the International Monetary Fund, experts describe economic conditions and delve into broad-based analyses of trade, deflation, China and migration. getAbstract recommends this authoritative and highly detailed report to executives and investors looking to steer a course through the global economic topography.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the global economic terrain looks like in 2016,
  • What factors are dragging down economic growth and
  • What the 2017 outlooks are for some important drivers of growth.


The Economic State of the World
Weak GDP growth, sticky inflation pressures, low to negative real interest rates and decelerating trade flows continued in 2016. The numbers bear out the ongoing challenges policy makers face in getting the world economy to reach escape velocity. For 2017...
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The International Monetary Fund advises member nations on policy issues and works to promote economic stability and well-being.

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