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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs don’t perform as promised at many organizations. Tech companies, in particular, have notoriously failed to improve the diversity of their workforces. To explain why DEIs often fail to deliver, HR thought leader Josh Bersin, in partnership with people analytics firm Perceptyx, studied practices at more than 800 organizations. Bersin’s white paper offers powerful insights into approaches that will yield strong, sustainable DEI programs. 

About the Author

Josh Bersin is a thought leader focusing on the global talent market and founder of the Josh Bersin Academy.


Business leaders should focus their DEI efforts on inclusion and aim for systemic change.

DEI programs in American business have a powerful effect on economic mobility for minorities. They also boost employee satisfaction, protect organizations from costly lawsuits and contribute to thriving organizations. However, most businesses focus their attention on interventions that fail to add value and, hence, see little positive change.

Many companies pursue DEI by pushing diversity numbers; they focus on hiring and promotion targets, but neglect the real drivers of DEI success. Minority hires will not remain at organizations that lack diverse leadership and where they have no sense of belonging. Instead of focusing on diversity alone, leaders should aim at inclusion.

Inclusive design should pervade candidates’ experiences as they move through their careers. Companies achieve inclusiveness by eliminating bias from all...

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