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E-mail marketing, the electronic descendant of direct mail, has changed the way businesses communicate with customers. The problem is that many marketers misuse it. Enter Chris Baggott, who brings to the table years of experience both in marketing and with e-mail software. Writing with Ali Sales, he provides a solid presentation of the topic and plenty of real-world examples showing how companies have used industry-tested e-mail techniques to attract and retain clients. This guide includes input from other e-mail experts and users, offering readers a variety of helpful opinions and handy pointers for measuring the success of an e-mail campaign by looking at the numbers. getAbstract recommends this eminently practical, direct book to anyone looking to find more effective ways to influence buyers.


Building Relationships

Most people want businesses to treat them as individuals, but mass marketing has eliminated many customized approaches. That’s unfortunate, since relationship marketing opens the door to stronger ties with customers, longer retention periods, more repeat business and a high rate of referrals. Customers now have more control over the ads and products they receive than they did in the past. The Internet allows them to make informed choices and better comparisons among products.

To gain consumers’ attention, marketers should push their companies to become more accessible. Treat your customers well, act human, let relationships develop at a natural pace and admit your mistakes. If a client wants to end the relationship, acknowledge that decision.

Create stronger relationships by being honest and forthright with your customers. This can be difficult in some cases. For example, you might not want to make a constructive suggestion or point out a weakness to a client for fear of offending that person. However, people are loyal to your business because they want your expertise. If you don’t offer it readily, they may lose confidence in your company...

About the Authors

Chris Baggott founded ExactTarget, an e-mail software firm, and he is the CEO of the blogging software company Compendium, where Ali Sales is co-founder and president.

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