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Epic Content Marketing

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Epic Content Marketing

How to Tell a Different Story, Break Through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less


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Epic content marketing builds brand loyalty and sustained sales.

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Marketing is undergoing a metamorphosis. Traditional marketing offers one-to-many broadcasts that lack credibility and interrupt entertainment or informational programming. Content marketing does not interrupt content – because it is the content. Joe Pulizzi, a pioneer of content marketing, explains its guiding principles and then suggests how to develop a successful program. He stresses that marketers should seek opportunities to repurpose their content, as he productively did with his own material from other media in producing this book. He strings together blog posts, lists, Q&As and magazine articles, creating an informative but choppy narrative flow. Despite Pulizzi’s disjointed approach, he provides practical, valuable information in every chapter. getAbstract recommends his insights and tactics to marketing executives and anyone whose business calls for embracing new media.


Time for Content

Conventional, single-thread, one-way, disruptive mass communication – like the television commercials that brands have long subsidized – is on the way out. Today, content rules. Nine of ten companies of all sizes and all industries in North America use content as part of their marketing programs to attract and hold customers, and to build sales and profits.

Content marketing is “the marketing and business process for creating and distributing valuable and compelling content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.” Consumers no longer care about corporate messages; they care about themselves. Most people genuinely like and enjoy the content in content marketing. Millennials, in particular, love it; eight of ten say they want companies to publish entertaining content.

Tell your brand stories and leverage the passion of your customers and stakeholders by showcasing your employees’ expertise. Your staff and executives are a rich trove of story material. Present the daily life of your firm as you would the life of a village.

Content marketing can take numerous forms, including: blogs, e-newsletters, ...

About the Author

Content-marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi founded the Content Marketing Institute, a leading content-marketing educational firm for enterprise brands.

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    s. k. 6 years ago
    Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi provides some very basic and interesting information which can be applied to practical marketing. I got to know the importance of content marketing with the synopsis that i got from this.

    I recommended to the people who are interested in marketing to go through this one for sure. you wont be dissapointed
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      5 years ago
      thanks a lot!

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