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A Story of Women, Men & Money

Carrie GracieVirago • 2019

Fighting Wage Discrimination

by David Meyer

Award-winning BBC journalist Carrie Gracie details her long, frustrating struggle to gain equal pay and tells readers how to pursue their own discrimination complaints.

Carrie Gracie hosted the BBC World Service show The Interview, and won a Peabody and Emmy Award during her more than three decades at the BBC.

In mid-2017, when Gracie was the BBC’s China Editor, she discovered her salary was far below that of her male peers. She describes her experience of fighting for recognition and equal pay. Along the way, Gracie explains why pursuing such grievances serves women at every level and describes the personal and professional anguish these battles cause. Gracie’s saga is filled with facts about other equal pay fights as well as advice for women, men and employers. She offers a wealth of information on how to push for equality.

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