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The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Greg McKeownCrown • 2014

Do Better with Less

by David Meyer

Co-author of Multipliers, Greg McKeown offers a detailed, workable method for paring your life to its essentials.

In this New York Times million-copies bestseller, Greg McKeown makes an enthusiastic, credible case for paring down. He advocates trimming your life processes – especially those in your work life – to the bare necessities. He urges rejecting reactive decisions in favor of mindful choices, doing only what you choose to do, cutting noise out of your life and accepting trade-offs. McKeown writes like the high-level blogger he is and presents complete ideas quickly and clearly. He provides an excellent starting point for living and working more efficiently.

Forbes found that McKeown “puts you in real control, giving greater precision to the pursuit of what truly matters.” And Success found him “likeable and astute.”

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