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Did your career plateau after a success? Regain control by becoming a “less is more” essentialist.

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Too often, as leadership and business strategist Greg McKeown explains, a brush with success can stall your career. Don’t let your success derail you from the pursuit of your goals. Instead, become an essentialist, and prioritize your life before someone else does. Pursue the “vital few” above the “trivial many.” McKeown shares the essentialist perspective and teaches you to learn to say no to other people as a means of conserving your resources to meet your personal career objectives.


Success often can unintentionally lead your career to plateau, stagnate and even fail.

Capable, driven people work hard to attain success, yet they often become mired in the many options and opportunities that accompany success. The “noise” of success sometimes derails a high achiever’s focus and stalls career momentum. Why?

Your success signals to co-workers that you have valuable input and generate reliable outcomes. As you solve problems and repair the failures of others, you sacrifice the time and energy that you once devoted to your own success. If you find yourself stalled in your career after what seemed like promising success, it may be time to change your perspective to that of an “essentialist” – someone who excels at stripping away nonessential activities to focus unwaveringly on his or her personal goals.

To remain steadfast on the path to your career goals, treat your job ...

About the Speaker

Best-selling author and speaker Greg McKeown is a leadership and business consultant focused on helping others succeed by saying no. He is the author of Essentialism, Effortless and Multipliers.

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