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Execution Plain and Simple

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Execution Plain and Simple

Twelve Steps to Achieving Any Goal on Time and on Budget


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Create concrete goals, design practical strategies and heighten company performance with a basic 12-step execution plan.

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Has your corporation or department misplaced its vision, purpose or spirit? Relax. Author Robert A. Neiman provides an effective path out of the lost-and-found department. Neiman’s 12-step program offers practical solutions and political advice for even hardcore bureaucracy addicts. The text features true-to-life scenarios, worksheets and instructions for a full menu of corporate activities, ranging from dreaded employee reviews to awards ceremonies. The author’s portrait of corporate life is like an excellent still-life painting, with realistic details, highlights and shadows. The text is enhanced with actual snapshots from testy workplace situations. These insertions, however, would work better with a bit of pruning and, although the vignettes are helpful, it is tempting to skim these little corporate dramas. But don’t skip the charts and worksheets. These features are excellent tools. What’s more, the author’s insistence on honesty, integrity and personal responsibility is a business wakeup call. getAbstract recommends this book to every ambitious worker, manager or executive on the corporate ladder.


Close the Gap

The corporate circle has a costly gap and vital energy leaks through it. Fortunately, equal doses of mental preparation, honesty and thoughtful planning will help your organization, corporation or department halt the loss of efficiency and vitality. Here’s the process:

Step One: Take Personal Responsibility

Get up and face the mirror. Search your reflection for issues, errors and oversights that you have created in your office. Ask yourself: what have I done and how can I improve my work going forward? This moment in the mirror represents your window of opportunity. Reflect, and get mentally prepared.

Effective managers take responsibility and have a clear vision of their role and the issues involved in each task. With an honest self-portrait in mind, write down a detailed report about your latest management challenge. Outline your initial goals, the issues you faced and the people involved. Explore your own role in the endeavor. Understand it thoroughly. Now you are ready to move on to the next big task.

Step Two: Craft the Assignment or Project

Identify all of the issues involved. A clearly defined assignment provides a ...

About the Author

Robert A. Neiman has an M.B.A. from Harvard and is a partner at Robert H. Schaffer & Associates, a management consulting firm. Neiman has provided consulting services for major corporations. He has also written many articles.

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