Dr. Gabriela Cora, a medical doctor and corporate consultant, understands that high-level leaders face stress and pressure. She presents a handy, gut-check guide for your health and well-being. Cora includes tips, resources and checklists of stressors to help you assess your health on many levels. Her book is a manual for better health that keeps an eye on improving your work as well. While the writing could be clearer, her instructions for managing a demanding workload while attending to your physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual needs ring true. Eight corporate leaders add their personal perspectives on healthy living. getAbstract suggests this book to anyone with a stressful life who seeks a sense of wellness and well-being at work and at home.


A Fantasy: “Life-Work Balance”

Most executives and leaders cannot spin life and work into perfect equilibrium, but you can come close. A sound and thorough wellness plan can make the difference between happiness and disappointment. Such a plan includes learning how stress affects your body, checking your mental and physical health, and enacting strategies for working and living well. Constantly struggling for balance – travel, late nights, early meetings, weekend events, unending demands and scrolling to-do lists at home and at work – makes you unwell. Symptoms might appear first as burnout or being unable to enjoy what you’ve worked to attain. But those can mutate into depression, chest pains, ulcers or other disorders. Avoiding the doctor to dodge the stigma of illness only makes any problems worse. Instead, work on wellness.

In a perfect world, people would divide their days into three equal parts: eight hours for work or study, eight hours for fun activities and eight hours for sleep. But you, and most people, live life far from these ideals. You work more than eight hours, skimp on sleep and have fun occasionally, if at all. Those living an unbalanced life might...

About the Author

Psychiatrist Gabriela Cora founded the Executive Health & Wealth Institute.

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