Fight the Fatigue That’s Killing Your Team’s Productivity

Fight the Fatigue That’s Killing Your Team’s Productivity

Small periods of recovery time will improve performance.

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Managers who are focusing on motivation to boost workers’ performance might be missing the real culprit behind reduced engagement, creativity and innovation: fatigue. In succinct fashion, leadership coach Wanda T. Wallace delves into the causes and costs of workplace fatigue, and offers recommendations to help managers recover their team’s energy and drive.


Fatigue is damaging employees’ capabilities.

Workers are suffering from an epidemic of fatigue. In the United States, surveys reveal more than 65% of workers report having mental health issues that affect their capacity to work, 40% say they feel at risk of burnout, 80% report experiencing negative emotions, and one-third report depression and anxiety. Surveys in the United Kingdom reflect similar trends.

As a result, people’s ability to think logically, deal with change and work creatively decreases. Teams see reductions in efficiency, innovation and performance. Managers might think their workers have a motivation problem, but in reality fatigue is affecting workers’ abilities – and, often...

About the Author

Wanda T. Wallace, managing partner of Leadership Forum, coaches, facilitates and speaks on improving leadership through better conversations. Wallace hosts the weekly radio show and podcast Out of the Comfort Zone and is the author of You Can’t Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise.

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