Finally, a Cure for Insomnia?

Finally, a Cure for Insomnia?

The Guardian, 2018




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More than a third of adults in the United Kingdom suffer from something that too few doctors take seriously: chronic insomnia. Long-term trouble with sleeping has become a big problem in recent years, and the constant buzz of modern life hasn't been helping. Simon Parkin spins a compelling narrative about a promising new therapy that may stop sleeplessness – and change the way the medical establishment views insomnia treatments altogether. getAbstract recommends this worthwhile read to anyone who struggles to get a good night's sleep.


Sleeplessness has become normal. One in three adults in the United Kingdom have chronic insomnia, and doctors prescribe the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin 10 times more than in 2008. Plenty of data link insomnia to heart attacks, cancer and a range of mental illnesses, but getting treatment is hard when the medical establishment doesn’t seem view the condition seriously. Before a groundbreaking new therapy, people who had tried all the classic sleep hygiene tips – limiting caffeine, turning off phones and taking hot baths before bedtime had little else...

About the Author

Simon Parkin is a freelance journalist and games critic for The Observer. He is author of Death by Video Game: Tales of Obsession from the Virtual Frontline.

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