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Governing Company Performance from the Boardroom

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Corporate Boards That Create Value book summary
Your board of directors is not here to advise, but to command.


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One common thread has connected the companies involved in the recent spate of high-profile corporate bankruptcies and scandals: The failure of boards of directors to control management. John Carver, an international consultant on corporate governance, explains the role of the board of directors and defines the proper relationship between the board and top management. To summarize: The board commands; management obeys. Since this is all too often not the case, strongly recommends that everyone in business read this book for its essential advice on strengthening the authority and accountability of corporate boards of directors.

In this summary, you will learn

  • The proper role of a corporate board of directors;
  • How to structure the right relationship between a board and management, and
  • Tips and techniques for establishing effective corporate governance.


Board of Commanders
Boards of directors are coming under increasing pressure to exercise their authority over corporate management. The oversight of an active board of directors, which has been lacking in many recent high-profile business scandals, is the heart of corporate governance. ...
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About the Authors

John Carver is an internationally known creator of the Policy Governance Model, considered a breakthrough in board leadership. He is the author of John Carver on Board Leadership, and Boards That Make a Difference, and co-author of Reinventing Your Board and A New Vision of Board Leadership. Caroline Oliver is the general editor of The Policy Governance Fieldbook and a founder and current chair of the International Policy Governance Association.

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