Summary of How the Stock Market Works

A Beginner’s Guide to Investment

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How the Stock Market Works book summary
If you want to invest in the United Kingdom’s stock market, here are the nuts and bolts.


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This short but informative beginner’s investment manual educates readers about the United Kingdom’s stock market. Financial journalist Michael Becket’s primer on investing covers information sources, general rules for selecting shares and the most common types of investments (stocks, bonds, gilts, futures, ETFs, options, tracker funds, and more) available to a UK investor. Becket does not break any new ground, but he is clear and thorough. While never giving financial advice, getAbstract recommends this guidebook as a readable, basic introduction to UK investing.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the United Kingdom’s stock market operates,
  • What benefits and risks specific types of UK investments provide, and
  • Where to find reliable investment information so you can make wise choices.


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About the Author

Financial journalist Michael Becket is the small-business editor at the Daily Telegraph.

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