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Investing 101 book summary
Investment greenhorns: Read this book — Now!


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Investment greenhorns: Read this book - Now! Can we be any clearer? Kathy Kristof has written the ideal manual for anyone mystified by the world of finance. Her clear, fact-filled book completely dispenses with the condescending tone and soothing jabber of most books in the how-to-invest genre. In their place, Kristof has compiled an enlightening compendium of elementary investment wisdom, lucid explanations of financial terms and instruments, and educational walk-thrus of stock-valuation techniques. Simply put: If you are not investing, you must read this book. Whether it’s fear, ignorance or inertia that’s keeping you out of the markets, Investing 101 will inspire you to put your money to work by revealing, in easy-to-understand language, exactly how it all really works. getabstract recommends this book as required reading for any beginner investors, or to anyone who feels intimidated by a lack of financial knowledge.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to invest wisely;
  • How to overcome your bad investing habits; and
  • Why you should diversify your investment portfolio.


Get Over It
If you can follow straightforward directions, investing will not trouble you. Unfortunately, many people can’t follow even the most logical instructions because they have developed bad habits that prevent them from investing wisely. If you want more money than regrets in your...
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About the Author

Kathy Kristof is a business writer for the Los Angeles Times. Her twice-weekly personal finance column reaches 40 million readers through more than 50 major newspapers.

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