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Naked Guide to Bonds book summary
Even naked, bonds aren't sexy - unless you lust for current cash and long term income preservation.


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In this very good beginner's guide to the bond market, author Michael V. Brandes addresses all of the fundamental questions clearly and concisely. Bond math can be daunting, but while the author includes a few equations for illustrative purposes, he clearly addresses his book to the general run of individual investors. The book, which has moments of surprising good humor, says right off the bat that bond investing can be dull in comparison to stock investing, not because the stakes are lower, but because the elements of personality and surprise are considerably more muted in the debt market than in the equity markets. highly recommends this book, even though it is pedantic at times - a risk you take when you venture into the complex realm of bond investing.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to invest in bonds;
  • Why you should; and
  • How to understand the various categories and classifications of bonds.


Bond Basics
The bond market is bigger than the stock market and bond investors did much better than stock investors during the stock slump that began in the year 2000. Bonds don't usually give you capital appreciation, but they are the best investment for capital preservation and current...
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About the Author

Michael V. Brandes is Director and Fixed-Income Strategist in the Investment Strategy Group at Smith Barney, a division of Citigroup. He is the founding author of Bond Market Monthly, the firm's flagship research publication for individual fixed-income investors.

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