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9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future for You and Your Partner

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Smart Couples Finish Rich book summary
Working as a team is the key for couples who seek financial stability, growth and long-term security.


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Maxed-out credit cards. Depleted savings. Underfunded retirement accounts. Millions of couples struggle with common financial issues, but instead of looking for solutions, they perpetuate harmful behaviors by bickering, blaming and, in many cases, divorcing. David Bach, author of the best-selling Smart Women Finish Rich, says you’ll never solve your money problems if you view your partner as the enemy. It’s not all your fault, though. Typically, people do not discuss money openly, so individuals may know very little about their spouse’s financial priorities, philosophy and history. Establishing and maintaining an open line of communication is pivotal to sensible financial planning as a couple. You don’t have to agree on everything. You don’t even have to change. You just have to work together. Bach shows couples how to get on the same page. Using clear (in fact, somewhat simplified) formulas and charts, he tells them how to handle saving, spending, investing and retiring. getAbstract thinks that Bach’s conservative approach makes sense. So does his emphasis on making your relationship – not money – your number one priority. Whether or not you finish rich, at least you’ll be happy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to create a strategy for financial security and growth;
  • Why you need a written plan; and
  • How to reach your financial dreams.


Let’s Talk About Money
Married people must discuss the issues that shape their lives, including financial issues. The problem is that many couples do not know how to talk about money. Often, a couple’s communication about finances consists of angry words, harsh comments and blame. Money...
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About the Author

David Bach is the CEO of his own company and has appeared on national radio and TV, including a stint as host of his own PBS special.

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