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Loss Control and Portfolio Management Enhancement

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Stock Market Stratagem book summary
One contrarian says you can beat the big fund investors: forget fundamentals, just follow the trend.


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Author Braden Glett is bold enough to take on not only efficient market theory and index funds, but also the investment approaches advocated by such luminaries as Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, John Bogle and their ilk. Although Glett does not name these names, he finds plenty to disagree with in almost every popular or conventionally recommended investing strategy. That makes this book provocative and interesting. It’s always good to see conventional wisdom shaken. However, the author writes in a very difficult style, and his message hits various grammatical and logical road blocks due to a shaky editing job. With that caveat, believes that investors and traders may want to check this short book, as long as they take the author’s recommendations as opinion - he offers little in the way of solid research to back his contentions, but he raises some potentially useful doubts.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Basic principles about playing the stock market;
  • How to choose between passive and active investing; and
  • How to control risk and pick stocks.


Why What You Think You Know Is Probably WrongIn recent years, investors have gotten used to hearing some pretty shopworn advice. Financial planners, admittedly basing their advice on research by Nobel laureates and other solid scholarship, have recommended that individuals should not try to pick stocks...
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About the Author

Braden Glett is the founder of Business Diagnosis & Improvement, a consulting firm specializing in general management and profitability improvement for manufacturing-based businesses.

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