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The Business of Investment Banking book summary
So what exactly do the Masters of the Universe do between weekends in the Hamptons?


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What exactly do the Masters of the Universe do between weekends at their Hamptons estates? While most of us have a vague idea of what investment banking is, businesspeople need a clear understanding of what goes on behind the Wall Street curtain. This book pulls that curtain aside with a systematic explanation of the businesses, strategies and tools of the major investment banks. Parental advisory: The book features a technically complex subject being addressed by a professor in finance. Some colorful anecdotes or engaging examples might have lightened the mood, but this isn’t exactly Oprah territory here, and getAbstract heartily recommends this solid book. Writing with expertise, Thomas Liaw breaks down the current business of investment banking and examines the changes that are blending the profession with commercial banking and insurance, a process that could reduce the Masters to mere mortal servants of global financial services supermarkets.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why investors are seeking one financial advisor for all their needs;
  • Why profit – pure and simple – is the sole motivation for investment bankers;
  • What services investment-banking firms provide.


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About the Author

K. Thomas Liaw is a finance professor at St. John’s University, and operates a consulting practice in private equity and securities. He has published numerous articles and is often invited to speak about capital markets at executive business conferences. His principal areas of expertise include capital markets, trading, risk management and investment banking. His most recent book is Foreign Participation in China’s Banking and Securities Markets.

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