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The Downside of the Sharing Economy summary
If your income yo-yos from month to month, turn to the “gig economy” to offset pay dips.


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Pioneering research from the JPMorgan Chase Institute has unveiled widespread monthly income volatility among Americans. Diana Farrell, the CEO of the JPMorgan Chase Institute, in conversation with Rebecca Rosen, a senior editor at The Atlantic, thoughtfully surmises the causes and effects of such fluctuations. getAbstract recommends Farrell’s insights to anyone whose income and expenditure yo-yo from one month to the next.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How new metrics have exposed the extent of income volatility among Americans,
  • What phenomena lead to such volatility and
  • What role the “gig economy” can play in offsetting economic volatility.


The JPMorgan Chase Institute, a think tank that conducts data-rich economic studies, examines the financial welfare of individuals, families, businesses and entire economies. While economists have long studied people’s annual income and expenditure,
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About the Speakers

Diana Farrell is CEO of the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Rebecca Rosen is a senior editor at The Atlantic.

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