Summary of The Investment Logic for Sustainability

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The Investment Logic for Sustainability summary
Investment expert Chris McKnett makes the business case for conscientious “sustainable investing.”


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Investment expert Chris McKnett presents a strong case for basing investment decisions on “environment, social and governance” (ESG) performance metrics. The institutional investment community can effect the most positive change by backing ESG-responsible firms, he explains. This type of investing pays short- and long-term dividends. If the world becomes a better place for future generations in the process, all the better. getAbstract believes financial industry professionals will appreciate this polished, well-reasoned argument for sustainable investing.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What “sustainable investing” means,
  • Why institutional investors should include “environment, social and governance” performance criteria as part of their investment decisions, and
  • How sustainable investing will affect future generations.


The world’s population is expanding and aging steadily. Human consumption of natural resources is outpacing replacement. Moreover, emissions continue to increase, adding further stress to the climate. These social and environmental issues have tremendous economic impact and implications. But investors...
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About the Speaker

Chris McKnett is the vice president of environment, social and governance investing at State Street Global Advisors in Boston.

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