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Changing technologies, impending regulations and evolving markets are just some of the reasons why returns on equity are falling in capital markets and investment banking institutions. Financial industry professionals at the Boston Consulting Group provide a useful guide to the trends and challenges facing these organizations, although, as you might expect, their report is somewhat jargon heavy. getAbstract suggests this work to capital markets and investment banking professionals.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How revenues and returns have fallen for the capital markets and investment banking (CMIB) industry,
  • Which CMIB businesses are profitable and which are not, and
  • How industry participants might improve their returns on equity and remain competitive.

About the Authors

Philippe Morel et al hold various positions with the Boston Consulting Group, a global management advisory firm.



Senior managers in the capital markets and investment banking (CMIB) industry must drum up revenues while operating under increasingly constraining regulation. After-tax return on equity (ROE) for the industry fell to 11% in 2013, while revenues have slid 13% since 2010. Fixed income, currencies and...

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