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The South-South Investment Model  summary
African entrepreneurs outperform American and European entrepreneurs; they just lack capital.


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Though Africa is home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, some 308 million Africans lack access to the credit market. MYC4, a crowdfunding platform, offers a sustainable, transparent channel to extend credit to African entrepreneurs. In this presentation, Mads Kjaer co-founder and chairman of MYC4, simply and succinctly describes the firm’s innovative model. Though the organization has since run afoul of a major partner in Kenya and has suspended operations, getAbstract recommends Kjaer’s understated depiction of his impressive idea to investors, entrepreneurs and humanitarians engaged in global economic outreach.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What African countries need to build local entrepreneurial businesses,
  • How independent investors can capitalize on African growth through online crowdfunding opportunities, and
  • How peer-to-peer lending opportunities can benefit both global investors in Africa and African entrepreneurs themselves.


Some 308 million individuals and 25 million small businesses in Africa lack access to capital, which impedes business development, job creation and economic growth on the continent. Mads Kjaer and his team sought to redress this problem. They launched
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About the Speaker

Mads Kjaer is chairman and co-founder of MYC4, a crowdfunding platform that provides global investor capital to small businesses and entrepreneurs in Africa.

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