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What 80 Million People Need to Know to Invest Profitably and Avoid Big Losses

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The Successful Investor book summary
Defy common wisdom and embrace the charted facts. To make money in the market, buy on the upswing and sell decisively.


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William J. O’Neil, founder of Investor’s Business Daily (which he cites constantly in his book), provides an excellent how-to tour of his CAN SLIM investing approach. The method makes eminently good sense if you do what it says, when it says. Most investors risk failure, not because their systems are flawed, but because people are. O’Neil makes it clear: to be an investor, you must put forth enormous dedication, discipline, emotional fortitude and humility, and you need a sound strategy, such as CAN SLIM. The author may make investing look a tad too easy, though the charting he recommends is obviously going to take some time to accomplish and understand. But he pulls no other punches. His advice is knowledgeable and straightforward. He tells you what to do, and how to move ahead wisely and profitably. thinks investors should read and study this honest, worthwhile book that summarizes the essentials of one of the latter twentieth century’s most popular investing systems.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to invest successfully;
  • How to buy the right stocks at the right times; and
  • How to sell them before it’s too late - of course, these are the keys to the kingdom of successful investing.


Rules for Investing Success
The market bubble of the 1990’s was one of the most extravagant misadventures in financial history, worse than the Roaring Twenties, parallel only to the Tulip Mania of seventeenth century Holland. Yet, it was in many respects comparable to any bubble or financial...
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About the Author

William J. O’Neil is founder and chairman of Investors Business Daily and a best-selling author of investment books including How to Make Money in Stocks.

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