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Think and Grow Rich book summary
Use the power of positive thinking to create your personal map for uncovering lodes of wealth, confidence and creativity.


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Napoleon Hill, author of this 1920s classic, will remind you of an older, wiser, slightly wacky uncle who advises you about careers, life and love. This book is a wonderful collection of tips – many based on the ideas of Hill’s mentor Andrew Carnegie – that range from the practical (how to prepare a resume) to surprisingly New Age-like mystical talk about the infinite powers of the universe. Of course, like an old uncle, Hill can get long-winded and repetitive at times, but since he packs so much wisdom into his slender book, you will want to reread it over and over again, repetitions and all. getAbstract recommends his classic compendium to everyone who is dangling from the career ladder and wondering how to prosper.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to use your imagination to produce real assets;
  • Why you should tap into the power of daily affirmations;
  • How to avoid the traps of failure; and
  • How to create strategic plans that will make you successful.


The Secret Wealth Generator
Author Napoleon Hill explains that his formula for financial success was given to him by Andrew Carnegie, the legendary corporate leader. When Hill “was but a boy,” Carnegie shared his secret wealth-generating formula with him and challenged him to create a ...
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About the Author

Napoleon Hill was born in 1883. A former newspaper reporter, he studied law and worked for Andrew Carnegie, whose ideas are reflected in Think and Grow Rich. Hill advised numerous prominent people, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Edison.

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    Luis Eduardo BUITRAGO ROJAS 4 months ago
    Excellent review and analysis to keep account in our lives
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    Juan Pablo Botero Arredondo 9 months ago
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    Martin Burks 2 years ago
    awesome book!!
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    Isha Uppal 2 years ago
    I would surely read this book. It's very motivating. Surely talk about the power of your thoughts which can bring a big difference in one's life.
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    Noel Blandon 3 years ago
    This book is very interesting.
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    Jeff Beer 4 years ago
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    Carlos Andres Gallego 5 years ago
    Excelent book... very good

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