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Fintech in Capital Markets

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Fintech in Capital Markets

A Land of Opportunity

Boston Consulting Group,

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Fintech is sweeping the financial industry, but some sectors seem to be sitting on the sidelines.

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The rapid growth of the fintech industry has not yet received a warm embrace from investment banks and other capital markets (CM) institutions. Only 569 global fintech startups out of the 8,000 tracked in an ongoing Boston Consulting Group survey engage in CM activity. And CM institutions have invested relatively little, compared to retail and commercial banks, in adopting the efficiencies that fintech has to offer. This authoritative analysis showcases what CM firms are missing by not getting onboard with fintech. getAbstract recommends this informative study to financial professionals and investors.


Capital markets (CM) institutions, such as investment banks, asset managers and other financial services firms, have yet to fully incorporate financial technologies. That’s reflected in the comparatively sparse funding that capital market fintech startups are attracting. Venture capitalists have invested in CM fintechs just 4% of the $96 billion raised between 2000 and 2015. This stingy allocation is partly due to the difficulties that the CM sector’s regulatory specialization, market structure and size complexities present. CM fintechs are receiving only about one-third of the equity ...

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Philippe Morel et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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