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The advent of the Internet in the mid-1990s has given rise to the online marketplace, which has since grown to become a major part of the world economy. But as technology has evolved, so have consumer expectations. Econsultancy contributor Manish Dudharejia has singled out five trends he believes will shape e-commerce in the years to come. getAbstract recommends his blogpost to online retailers and marketing professionals.


To realize their growth potential, e-commerce platforms will need to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape by paying attention to five specific trends:

  1. “Chatbots” – More than a third of today’s consumers favor the use of chatbots to contact companies and receive instant answers to their basic questions. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is enabling chatbots to become ever more nuanced when responding to basic consumer concerns. IBM Watson, which powers 61% of chatbot platforms today, has even developed the ability to detect intent when interacting with humans. An advantage of chatbots is that...

About the Author

Manish Dudharejia is co-founder of E2M Solutions, which specializes in website design and development and e-commerce SEO. 

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